Get Your Feet Ready for Winter

Summer may be the time when we most commonly flaunt our feet. However, they deserve excellent care all year long - especially during these cold winter months.

Winter Foot Care Tips

This winter, give your feet some extra TLC by following these self-care tips:

1. Wear warm socks.

Cozy socks are a great way to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the cold winter months. Choose socks made primarily of natural materials and make sure they fit your feet properly. This will ensure that your feet are able to “breath” - even if they are in boots all day.

2. Give your toenails a break.

If your nails live in polish all summer long, go au naturel throughout the winter months. This gives your toenails a chance to revive themselves, naturally.

3. Try a self-care routine.

Give yourself a little at-home foot massage with your favorite cream for a naturally warming and relaxing treat. Use circular motions as you massage your feet to boost circulation on particularly chilly days.

4. Get rid of tight shoes.

Those pointy shoes may be cute, but if they squeeze your toes then they are too small. Try wearing shoes that fit when you wear socks, but still give you a chance to wiggle your toes.

5. Exfoliate with a pumice stone.

If your feet feel dry or calloused, try soaking them and then exfoliating with a pumice stone. Once done, dry your feet and moisturize with our Hand and Heel Creme!

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