Citronella, Your All Natural Insect Repellent

Citronella is an oil that is refined from cymbopogan - also called lemongrass. It’s an interesting essential oil that is most commonly used to repel insects. You’ve probably smelled it in candles during a cookout or other outdoor event.

At Sage Stone Botanicals, we use citronella in our DEET-free bug spray and insect repelling lotions specifically to take advantage of its bug repelling properties. However, keeping mosquitoes away isn’t the only thing that citronella can do.

Five Uses for Citronella

1. Aromatherapy for symptoms of illness and headaches.

2. Massage oil for pain relief.

3. As an additional antiseptic in soaps and cleaning products.

4. In collars to gently calm barking dogs.

5. Finally, citronella oil is a great insect repellent.

How Does Citronella Work as Bug Repellent?

The scent of citronella doesn’t harm mosquitoes and other pests, so how is it such a great repellent? Citronella works by masking the scent of human beings from insects - specifically the smells created by the lactic acid in our muscles and the carbon dioxide we emit.

This oil also has the perk of being nontoxic to both humans and animals alike! So, no animal has to get hurt, but humans can protect themselves against insect bites with this natural ingredient.

Are you ready to discover how citronella works? Buy our insect repellent today!

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