Soothe Your Dry Skin this Summer

Dry skin can be frustrating and uncomfortable all year round, but between drying air conditioning and hot sun, summer can be particularly tough on skin. Even those who usually have oily skin can get suffer from dryness or calluses in the summertime. 

Five Summertime Skincare Tips

It can be hard to combat dry skin in summer because we are not only feeling dry, but we are sweating, using drying products like sunscreen, and spending time in chlorinated water.

Here are five ways you can soothe your dry skin during the summertime:

1. Hydrate throughout the day

Not only should you drink the recommended ½ gallon of water a day, you can hydrate with juicy fruits and veggies, and iced tea. Additionally, using hydrating soaps and lotions can help keep you feeling fresh all day long.

2. Use lotion even if you’re applying sunscreen

Sunscreen is a great protection, but it’s often really drying. Use your deep moisturizing lotion, let it dry, and then apply sunscreen to keep your skin both protected and moisturized. 

3. Take advantage of soothing essential oils

There are many essential oils that can benefit your skin, providing additional nourishment. These include lavender, frankincense, myrrh, rose, and jasmine.  

4. Wash off chlorine as soon as possible

If you’ve been in the pool, it’s important to get that chlorinated water off of your skin as soon as possible. Chlorine is extremely drying and can ultimately damage your skin and hair. 

5. Apply cream on your feet, hands, and any other dry spots before bed

One soothing and hydrating pre-bedtime routine is applying lotion to your dry spots before bed. This allows the cream to sink in and soothe those dry spots effectively overnight.

We hope you treat your skin right this summer! If you are looking for hydrating soaps and deep moisturizing lotions, you’ve come to the right place. Click here to try our organic, handmade skincare products.

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