Are you traveling this season? Bring all-purpose soap

Travel can be both delightful and difficult. On the one hand, you are heading to a wonderful destination, on the other, you have to spend lots of time on the road or in a plane. Travel can be uncomfortable and may expose you to germs – which are particularly abundant now in the cold and flu season.

That’s why we recommend traveling with some of your favorite organic, all-purpose soap. Often, people travel with hand sanitizers, drying out their skin. Additionally, many hand sanitizers have triclosan which is under investigation as it may be bad for human health. Finally, the Food and Drug Administration has found that hand sanitizers are not better than plain soap and water.

With the Sage Stone Botanicals organic hand and body wash, you are traveling with soaps that won’t dry out your hands and which are effective in helping to prevent illness. Additionally, because our soaps are all-purpose, you can use them to wash your clothes, clean dishes, and even be used as shampoo in a pinch.

Try our all-purpose soap for yourself! It’s safe for people with dry and sensitive skin.

Sage Stone Botanicals