Body lotion, hand cream, lotions, and soap are intended to make your body feel refreshed and invigorated, however many products on the market today can leave your skin feeling greasy and weighed down. Sage Stone Botanicals makes natural body products that will give you the fresh, clean feel that you are looking for, without making you feel greasy or as though there’s a heaviness to your skin. Using natural botanicals, herbs, oils and butter, we bring out the best that the Earth has to offer, and package it individually for you to enjoy.

If your skin feels dry, itchy or has lost its elasticity, it is usually due to a lack of moisture. Our natural body lotions bring moisture back to your skin and replenish your skin’s lost vitamins and minerals through the use of botanical oils and butter. Our organic body lotions do not use parabens, sulfates, chemical fragrances, propylene glycol or other additives. Instead, we use naturally invigorating and nourishing oils like organic jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea butter and other natural ingredients.

Our hand creams, soaps, lip balms and other organic body care products also get their intoxicating scent from natural elements like peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, jasmine and other herbs and botanicals. This makes our body products safe and enjoyable for everyone to use, including young children and those with sensitive skin or allergies. Our organic bug repellent also uses natural ingredients, such as citronella, to keep bugs off without polluting the air or your body.

So much of what we use comes directly from the Earth not only because we want to keep our products healthy and organic, but also as part of our passion for our planet and keeping it clean and healthy. That is why we use environmentally friendly packaging and source all of our ingredients from sustainable operations.

Heal your body and care for the Earth at the same time using all-natural body products from Sage Stone Botanicals. Shop our inventory online now and find the soap, body lotion, lip balm and other products you need with a scent you love or call us at 541-357-9686 to learn more.