What Makes Our Products So Effective

Our products are made with Organic ingredients.
If you look you will see that we have very few ingredients. We don’t add fillers or chemicals - there are no parabens, no laurel sulphates, no propylene glycol or other harmful chemicals. Our only preservative is a natural one. 

What does that mean for you?
You get a higher concentration of all these fabulous pure oils which make it more effective in healing, moisturizing and nourishing your skin. Plus our lotions and crèmes penetrate into the skin which leaves your skin soft and silky. 

Our Hand & Heel Repair Crème is great for those tough dry cracked hands and heels or areas that need extra moisturizing. And because it penetrates into your skin there is no need to put on socks before getting into bed because it is not greasy or oily (unless of course you need to keep your feet warm.) 

Our Hand & Body Washes have 3 ingredients Organic Sunflower, Organic Coconut oil and Organic Jojoba oil that will moisturize your skin. The best part is that those three ingredients have antibacterial properties naturally.