Not Another New Year's Resolution!

Happy New Year!

If you're like me, you make resolutions every year only to find yourself breaking them two weeks into January.  It makes us feel like we've failed and that is no way to start the new year! 

Stop judging yourself and instead try this for a change:

1) Find 3 things you do that you are proud of and congratulate yourself for that success

2) Take time each day to do something just for you... It can be a walk outside, reading a book, or just taking a few deep breaths in silence.

3) Look at any changes you want to make as goals for the year.  It takes time to make a permanent change and sometimes we have to adjust how we're attempting these goals to make them last.

Be kind to yourself...

We are always striving for a healthier, happier life style and it's the little things we do that make every thing else fall into place.  Take a minute to recognize all the positive things you are doing for yourself instead of beating yourself up about all things you haven't yet conquered.


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